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Soggy Summer Mix

A mix I made recently dedicated to the soggy Irish summer. Features tracks from Baio, Mr Fingers and Julio Bashmore among others. Give it a listen and forget about the rain.

In that vein, SMD’s latest album ‘Unpatterns’ owes a debt to the stuff coming out of Chicago in the late 80s.

'I Waited For You'

Mr Fingers- Can You Feel It

On a mad Chicago House buzz at the moment.

Me performing my song, ‘Bits and Pieces’, on the very cold roof of Sweeney’s Bar on Dame Street for the lovely people at Balcony TV. 



M83’s “Midnight City”, #1 on our Top 100 Tracks of 2011.

We’ve been saying this for months now, but if you listen to “Midnight City” while playing this video (mute it, obviously), it’s an amazing experience.

Dear X-Factor.

Please stop murdering my favourite songs.


F R n’ R

The new (and indeed debut) single from The Cast of Cheers: ‘Family’. With a remastered version of ‘Goose’ from their brilliant debut album ‘Chariot’ featured on the latest Kitsuné Maison Compilation #12, expect global math-rock domination from these lads in 2012!